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Massachusetts Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates accepts all major insurances as listed below.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our billing department at 978-256-5557.  Depending on your insurance, you may require a referral.  Please contact your primary care doctor or insurance company if you are unsure regarding this requirement.*                                                                                               

Blue Cross/Blue Shield     Medicare Fallon Harvard Pilgrim  Prudential      
HealthCareValue Management Mass. Health/Unisys/Welfare U.S. Healthcare/Aetna          New England  Tufts
Teamsters Guardian United Healthcare  Neighborhood Health Plan Cost Care
Healthsource Private Health Care Systems Secure Horizons State John Hancock Great West
Matthew Thornton Med-Tac                                                     

*If you require a referral and do not have one, we will ask that you sign a waiver that states that you are responsible for any charges should your insurance carrier not cover or allow for  the services rendered. 

We do accept personal checks, Master Card, and Visa for fees not covered by insurance. Payment of such fees is generally expected at the time of arrival to the office, prior to seeing the physician.  Our billing department is available for any questions regarding payment, our payment policies, and any payment issues that may arise specific to your particular case.  The fees and payment issues regarding elective procedures not covered by insurance (e.g. rhinoplasty, uvuloplasty for snoring) will be discussed with the patient and finalized prior to the performance of the procedure.

Uninsured patients

We agree that the health of our patients is preeminent.  Treatment of conditions which appear to be a medical emergency will always be cared for immediately without regard to cost. The choice of treatment of non-emergency  ("elective") conditions is always up to the patient; patients may consider many factors in their treatment decisions, including cost. Patients may be uninsured for a variety of reasons; some patients are indigent, and some are not.  We have a responsibility to serve the community by caring for the health of the indigent. 

In treating uninsured patients, we have a set of guidelines which we feel represent a fair and ethical approach to the treatment of our patients.  At the time the patient contacts our office for an appointment, we will inform the patient of possible charges that may be incurred.  The day of the visit, upon checking in, the patient will be given a financial form explaining our charges and the patient's responsibilities.  The patient will be directed to meet with our billing staff for explanation of these policies if necessary.  For new uninsured "cash-only" patients, payment is expected at the time of service.  In the case of the indigent, the patient will still be seen by the doctor, and a payment plan will be arranged on a case-by-case basis. Follow-up patients, patients with emergencies, and emergency room referral patients will always be seen regardless of ability to pay.  As part of our commitment to the care of the indigent, we will attempt to mitigate charges which are under our control and which charges may otherwise adversely affect the health care decisions made by the indigent uninsured patient. The physician may advise the patient to apply for Medicaid or Free Care (through one of the affiliated hospitals) as a way to mitigate those hospital-related costs outside of the physician's control.


Automobile Accidents/Workman's Compensation

Care for such cases as injuries sustained at work or in an accident, especially if involving potential settlement or litigation, may not be covered by your health insurance. Please contact our office in advance regarding your financial responsibilities for services rendered by our doctors.


 Please contact our billing department for any questions: 978-256-5557.